Monday, April 16, 2012

Here we go again

So here we go again I haven't updated well since the first of the year and that pretty bad. Not that anyone is reading my blog or anything but I do it mostly for Carst and I and maybe one day are kids. Well im start from the beginning.

Well ill start with Valentines day. I forgot to take pictures for this event which is very sad but Valentines day fell on a Tuesday this year as we all know so Valentines day itself was not all that exciting. We did give each other our gifts which I got a deep fryer and the Adele cd and I got him the first three seasons of Lost and the Froster the people Cd. That weekend we went to dinner but I can't remember were we went. oh well

Well to the next event. Carst celebrated his 22 birthday! What an old man. He got lost of great gifts. He got a T.V. for our room from me and some of the T.V. was from my parents too and a gift card and shirt from his parents and he even won a 100.00 visa card from work so he got to get a bunch of new Hollister clothes which was great for him. To finish up his birthday we went to Goodwood and it was yummy!!! I love my honey and I hope he had a great birthday even though it was over a month and a half ago.

Shortly after Carst birthday our little doggie Duke turn one so yes we do celebrate our animals birthday and Duke loved it even though it was very short lived because he ate his cake so fast that I don't think he even tasted it.

Then Duke got full so Libby finished off his cake for him

After the two birthdays we had a very exciting day we had our first anniversary! It was such a great weekend and day. We started the weekend off going to dinner at Maddox which was so yummy. We even got to stop on the way home from Maddox at his parents property in perry which has an amazing view over looking willard it is beautiful .Then on saturday we spent the day together but then Carst had to go to priesthood which is great and I got to spend time with my mom and sister at ladies night. After we went to his parents and celebrated Jaren (our nephews) birthday. Are actual anniversary fell on conference sunday which was great! We got to stay home and relax and watch conference. We spent a little time over at my parents house and then came home and had a wonderful dinner. We had italian chicken, salad, cheesey potatos and gralic bread! It was so yummy. After of course we had to cut our cake that we still amazing good for sitting in a freezer for a year. My uncle made our cake and suggested that we did that kind of cake because it gets better as it ages and sure enough it was true. We got each other great gifts too! He got my a kitchen Aid which I'm completely in love with and I got him a sweet grill which he is completely in love with. I love Carst so much we has a wonderful first year and I can't wait to spend the rest of eternity with him!

First time using it!!!

Putting together his grill

Easter was way fun this year we did a little bit more this year as a little family then last year! We actually made each other easter baskets (ok I did that but carst went and bought the shoes)!My parents got us the shirts and another little easter basket which is so nice of them. I love my family and I love my Savior that because of him and what he did for us I get to spend eternity with my family! I love easter and I'm so grateful that each year we get to have a special day to celebrate the resurection of our Savior.

Money Money Money!!!! Carst and I got a pretty good tax return this year and we are so grateful for it so we decided that we would put a lot of it down on my car!!! Which made me so happy cause I only have 276.00 dollars left to pay!!! But we had to take the money from Golden West and take it to America First. So for about 7 minutes I got to hold three thousand dollars!!!! It was amazing but it was very short lived and now all that money is gone. Oh well at least we are almost a proud owner for a Saturn Ion!!! Yay!!!!

And just to finish off ill add a couple of pictures of my cute little animals Soxy and Duke!!! (Gosh Im going to be one of those crazy moms with the camera with my kids if im already like this with my animals. Ha ha)


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  1. So glad you two are happy as ever. We love you.